General fencing

Due to the high standards required to meet the NHSS accreditation, we now extend our fencing solutions to other markets and have successfully diversified into Security, Commercial, Sports, and agricultural applications. Saferoad offer solutions that comply with BS1722.

Strained Wire and Wire Mesh Fencing

A post and horizontal strained wire system which may remain "open", but with the versatility to receive a wide range of different strength, nettings for restraining and/or excluding animal stocks and wildlife. While the “open” solution provides less of a visual impact the netting solutions, through selection of the most suitable aperture configurations, can be effectively utilised for the control of deer, badger, rabbit, otter, poultry and a wide selection of farmed stocks.

Close-boarded and Wooden Palisade Fencing

Traditionally referred to and utilised as 'garden fencing' this fencing solution comprises of timber panels, with or without gravel boards, and either timber or concrete posts. The panels typically consist of horizontal rails clad with vertical timbers that are either lapped (close-boarded feather edged boards) or spaced (palisade) to form a 'picket' arrangement.

Steel Palisade and Paladin Fencing

Steel palisade fencing is system comprising of steel posts, horizontal rails and steel D profile vertical members installed to provide a 'hit and miss' arrangement. Steel paladin comprises steel posts with a rigid steel mesh secured to the post faces. Both solutions provide security and segregation whilst remaining good visibility of the protected subject.

Wooden Post and Rail Fencing

Timber posts with either 3, 4 or 5 horizontal rails recognisable as the traditional highway boundary demarcation fence. This fence style combined with netting also provides a suitable solution for restraining wildlife and stock from entry to protected areas.

Chain-link Fencing

One of the most popular and common post and horizontal strained wire systems easily recognisable by with a diamond shaped mesh infill (various finishes) available in a range of heights from 900mm up to 3.6m. Posts available in steel angle, tube or box sections and timber all of which may be enhanced to receive strands of barbed wire.

Traditional styles of steel and timber gates are also available to compliment each type of installation.