Health and safety

In Saferoad, we never compromise on safety. We want our employees to come home safe from work every day and we have a vision zero mindset towards work related accidents and injuries

We shall strive to establish a workplace where all activities are carried out safely and all neccessary measures are taken to minimize risks to the health, safety and welfare of our workers and others affected by our operations or installations.

Saferoad has a group-wide Health & Safety program. The program consists of tools to assist management and employees in identifying critical and potential risks, as well as routines to help employees identify risks in their daily work. All risks that have been identified should be reported to prevent future accidents. We closely monitor any and all accidents related to our employees, regardless of the severity of the accident and we take continuous action to improve. Local management is responsible to ensure that each site represents a safe working environment and that systems, to enable safe work, are in place.