Corporate Social Responsibility

Saferoad defines corporate responsibility as achieving commercial profitability in a way that is consistent with fundamental ethical values and with respect for individuals, the environment and society.

Saferoad and its subsidiaries shall respect human and labour rights, establish good environmental, health and safety (HSE) standards, facilitate good dialogue with stakeholders and generally operate in accordance with applicable regulatory frameworks and good business practice. The Group’s business depends on the trust of consumers, contractual parties, the authorities, shareholders, employees and society in general. In order to gain trust, the Group is dependent upon professionalism, expertise and high ethical standards in all aspects of the Group’s work.

These ethical and corporate social responsibility rules are based on Saferoad’s Values, ethical guidelines as described in our Code of Conduct set forth the basic principles for business practices and personal behaviour for Saferoad and apply to all employees of the Group, as well as persons/entities holding a position of trust with Saferoad and hired consultants acting on behalf of the Group. Saferoad’s CSR Guidelines do not give customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders or other persons or entities any legal rights beyond those that follow from applicable legal regulatory frameworks.

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