M4 Project Finished...

Published on September 29, 2023

After nearly 4 years, the M4 project has been completed.

M4 Motorway
M4 Motorway

Saferoad approached the scheme with a one team attitude
working together with and alongside all other contractors on the
scheme. It was our responsibility to design the bespoke
pedestrian restraint solutions, the noise barrier above ground
and the VRS foundations.

The scale of the scheme demanded a high level of Saferoad
resource who all worked together and cooperated well. Whilst
everyone was a fencer many of the key team members were
specialists focusing on either VRS, noise barrier or general
fencing. The site management team led by example sharing offices and
presenting a united front to everyone and taking interest in all
the disciplines not just their own.

Saferoad prides itself on sustainability and doing what we can to
protect the environment. Redundant material removed from the
site was all recycled or wherever possible repurposed.

We completed the project with zero lost time injuries. This is a
great credit to the fencers who built the scheme.
The workforce was encouraged to report all and any unsafe acts
or situations and received public praise for doing so. Everyone
was empowered to stop the job if they felt the situation was
unsafe or if what had been planned had changed and needed