Installation Services

Saferoad operate all over the UK and Ireland being one of the country's leading specialists in the supply and installation of road restraint systems.


Saferoad are a leading installer of vehicle restraint systems and here are some of our completed works:

  • A487 Caernarfon to Bontnewydd Bypass
  • Hatfield Link Road
  • M4 J3-12 Smart Motorway Project
  • M6 J2-4 Smart Motorway Project

For any of our projects we will select the personnel based on training and competence. Also, when selecting subcontractors we use strategic partner labour and whilst undertaking work for Saferoad these are treated the same as directly employed personnel and are supervised and managed in the same way.

All plant and equipment is selected based on the extensive knowledge of our team with regards to the tasks we undertake. Once the type of equipment is identified our purchasing department will source the product with the least risk to health and safety in line with our purchasing procedure. And daily inspections are completed prior to use using our electronic platform.

All materials are inspected in line with the project specific inspection test plan. We utilise only supplier’s that are approved under our quality management system. All deliveries are inspected prior to acceptance.

When it comes to our Employee’s Health. All employees complete a Health Questionnaire and HAVs Questionnaire at induction for the company, these are also completed annually, any employees who may be subject to using any vibrating equipment, are required to complete a HAVS daily exposure record sheet. Also, employees who may have to visit site undertake a Safety Critical Medical which although lasts for 3 years, we choose to have these undertaken every 2 years.

In regard to sustainability, suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments will be prepared to identify all foreseeable hazards and risks to health, safety and the environment with appropriate controls put into place to minimize these as far as reasonably practicable. Method Statements will be in place to provide a safe system of work for all operations undertaken, these documents will be supplied prior to works commencing for approval. All personnel will be briefed on the contents of these documents before undertaking any works on the project.


We provide Jobs and Products for the following:

Road Restraint Systems (RRS)

Saferoad supply, install and repair all types of Road Restraint System (RRS) that are fully compliant with BS EN 1317 and non-proprietary systems. We currently have our own suite of RRS (Megarail) that has been approved by the Highways Agency. This suite of systems can be installed in the majority of situations, but we are continuously researching and developing new innovative systems to compliment or improve our product. This includes a P4 terminal that only has two posts, can be used as a dual sided P4 and in the event of an impact can be replaced in as little as 20 minutes, so keeping installation and maintenance costs down. Because we actually install our own products and do not simply supply we are in a position to give first class technical advice to all our clients.

Steel and Aluminium Parapets

Saferoad supply, install and repair a variety of steel and aluminium parapet products from H4a through N2, N1 and transitions which are compliant with BS EN 1317. We also repair existing legacy parapets that require remedial work due to decay or road traffic accidents. The parapets can be painted, or powder coated if required. We also offer retro-fit height extensions, anti-access panels, pedestrian guardrail and can undertake specialist projects.

Fabricate and install parapets on new build projects:

  • Steel vehicular parapets – 1m – 1.8m high c/w mesh or solid infill. Steeple copings and anti-access.
  • SN2W2
  • SN2W4
  • SN1W1
  • H4A
  • Pedestrian parapets – 1m – 1.8m high c/w mesh or solid infill
  • PGR
  • Kee Klamp
  • Aluminium parapets – Phoenix N1 and N2 inclusive of mesh and solid infill  

Fabricate and install the above parapets on parapet refurbishment projects, including removal of existing parapets for disposal at licenced scrap facility.

Repairs to existing steel and aluminium parapets for National Highways, Local Authorities and Maintaining bodies.

Modify existing parapet ends to accommodate new compliant VRS transitions.

  • Retro fit height extensions to existing parapets.
  • Retro fit mesh or solid infill to existing parapets.
  • Retro fit anti access units/anti suicide measures to existing parapets.

Installation, removal and inspection of KGuard and Combisafe edge protection. Inclusive of layout drawings and Cat 0 design certification.

Diamond core drilling

Over core existing anchorages.

Drill for anchorages in new locations to suit parapet system being installed.

Carry out anchorage pull tests IAW BS8050 Pt 1 and MHW 400-10, inclusive of submitting test reports.

Site surveys, dilapidation surveys and as built surveys.

Technical support

Drawings using CAD, Solid Works and 3D modelling.

Environmental Barrier

We manufacture and install fully CE marked noise barriers. Currently within our product portfolio we have Noise barriers available in the following types of material Timber, Recycled plastic, Aluminium and Steel. Our most popular Noise barrier is manufactured from sustainably sourced timber which and we guarantee a 30-year service life. 

We can provide a full design service for foundations and structural supports giving the customer the complete package.

Watch this space for new ultra-low carbon 50-year service life products. 

General Fencing

We supply and install a comprehensive range of fencing in accordance with BS 1722, which includes but is not restricted to :-

  • Strained post and wire,
  • Post and rail,
  • Security fencing,
  • Chain-link fencing,
  • Deer, Rabbit, Badger
  • Newt fencing.
Technical Support

Saferoad provides ongoing design support for all its products, and we welcome Early Contractor Involvement to help customers and clients get the right products in the right places. This early support helps prevent future delays and ensures a fluid commencement of installation. 

ECI support has been known to also result in cost savings and provide most accurate budget for the works.


We provide quality plans, inspection and test plans for all our works and collaborate with the customer to ensure all works are compliant with the prevailing specifications.


We believe that customer focus and collaboration are the key drivers for success in our industry and for productive fulfilling projects. 


               If you have any Questions /Job Enquiries please Contact our Contracting Team.