Our approach to sustainability

Organisation of our sustainability efforts

Sustainability is a core component of Saferoad Group's strategic planning and management systems. The Board of Directors has the highest level of accountability for sustainability issues, while the Group management team oversees the day-to-day operational aspects of the  sustainability strategies.

At Group level, the Head of ESG is responsible for integrating the sustainability agenda within the company's strategic goals across the Group.

Our four business areas are tasked with developing action plans and fulfilling key performance indicators (KPIs) deemed critical to their sustainable performance tracking.

To support these endeavours, the group has established an ESG Functional Team. This team ensures an integrated approach to sustainability and social responsibility throughout the company. The ESG Functional Team includes members from the operational units and from various support functions, providing a comprehensive mix of insight and expertise.

Our ESG priorities

These priorities are designed to amplify positive impacts while mitigating risks, ensuring that our operations, culture, and engagements are conducted with integrity, foresight, and a shared responsibility towards the planet and its people.

Below is a snapshot of the ESG areas we are focusing on, each representing a cornerstone in our journey towards achieving measurable and meaningful progress.

Responsible procurement
  • We aim to set the highest sustainability expectations towards our business partners and contribute to their improvements
Climate action
  • We aim to decarbonize our own operations and our value chain based on science-aligned GHG reductions
Closing the material loop
  • We aim to reduce operational and product-related material waste to close to zero through recycling, reprocessing and re-use
Culture of integrity
  • We always follow the highest standards of responsible business practices
  • We always treat people with respect for their rights, dignity and needs
Safe, healthy and thriving people
  • We aim to provide an inspiring and inclusive workplace where our people get home safe every day
Products and services as a force for good
  • We aim to contribute to safe journeys on the road through our product innovation and road services
  • We aim to drive the market demand for low-carbon and responsible solutions designed to last, through customer and industry collaboration


For direct inquiries regarding how Saferoad handles actual and potential negative consequences for human rights and decent working conditions,  contact us here