Traffic Barriers

                                               Traffic Barrier

  • Conforms to BS EN 8442, Chapter 8, Red book 2013 and Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions.
  • Reflectivity requirements of BS EN 12899-1
  • Free standing with 360° swivel feet
  • Anti-trip Feet
  • Moulded in Orange, but can be coloured to suit

                                           Traffic Cones

  • Conforms to BS EN 13422, Chapter 8, Red Book 2013 and Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions.
  • Blow moulded top with easy grip access
  • Fitted with high performance Starlux® pocketed prismatic sleeve, offering superb daylight luminance and night time reflectivity.

                                                 Work Signs

  • Conforms to BS EN 8442:2015, Chapter 8, The Red Book 2013 and Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions.
  • Long life due to strong and robust design.
  • Excellent weight and footprint stability.
  • Easy and safe to handle.
  • Stackable for Storage and transport.

                                             Trench Covers

  • 100% recyclable.
  • High impact resistance does not shatter.
  • Anti-Slip pattern.
  • Handles for easy lifting, single man lift.
  • High visible.
  • Various styles available.
  • Conforms to National Grid Y/SP/E/42, HAUC advice Note No. 2018/01 and The Red book 2013.
Temporary Fencing

security barrier 

Crowd Barriers

  • Solid construction ensures its long-term use
  • Wide base, ensuring stability
  • Easy assembly
  • Special hooks guarantee the safety of use and prevent unauthorized opening of the barriers


temporary fence 

Temporary Fencing

  • Lightweight design, allowing for
    easy installation and storage
  • Available with a wide range of accessories
    allowing for installation even in difficult