Crash Cushions



Crash attenuators are vehicle restraint systems that are installed along roads and highways to reduce the impact of vehicle collisions. Their aim is to reduce the impact of a vehicle as much as possible. They are primarily used where there is a high risk of vehicles hitting crash barriers or other fixed obstacles. 

The systems in the CrashGuard series meet the requirements for the highest performance class of 110 km/h as well as for 80 km/h.

The CrashGuard consists of three, five or six interconnected deformation chambers, which can be fitted with a crash barrier on each side. In the event of an impact, the energy is absorbed quickly and completely by the deformation tubes inside the chambers. The impact energy is absorbed by the CrashGuard in a controlled manner and the risk of serious injury to the vehicle occupants is reduced.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Safety standard in accordance with EN 1317-3
  • Reduced risk of personal injury: the system intercepts the vehicle and redirects it backwards
  • Quick installation thanks to prefabricated base plate
  • Maintenance-free
  • Short-term repairs possible thanks to a Europe-wide installation network

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