New - MegaRail s end design (EK MRs)

Published on September 15, 2023

MegaRail s end design (EK MRs) - Tested short lowering

The new, tested short lowering EK MRs (P4D-x1/y1-Z1-A) expands the MegaRail s product family. It is a pure end construction and represents an uncomplicated, short alternative to the 16 m long MegaRail s (P2A-x1/y1-Z1-A) terminal and is used, for example, at the end of a protective installation section on two-lane roads.

The 7.15 m long EK MRs was tested for the higher performance class P4D in accordance with DIN V ENV 1317-4 and tested for impact situations at 100 km/h. Performance class P4D includes the lower performance class P2D, so that the EK MRs can also be installed if only P2D is required.

Terminal MegaRail s (EK MRs)

Terminal MegaRail s (EK MRs)